‘Tis that season again!

The Christmas season is here again and it has been a while since I posted. My pre-Christmas chores included bringing the poinsettia in from the garden last September. I kept it from last year and planted it in a nice sunny spot, then forgot to trim it so it is a bit lanky right now but has color.

A Conditioned Poinsettia in Bloom

A Conditioned Poinsettia in Bloom

In September I brought it inside, and conditioned it under a large box for long nights. The box went on about 4pm and was removed about 10am for the whole of September and October. By November it was starting to show some color and by Thanksgiving it was colorful, albeit a bit lanky.

Christmas plants

Christmas Cactus

The Christmas cactus is also in bloom. The set bloom as soon and the days and temperatures drop in September so are well in bloom for Thanksgiving. I would like to think that they will still be in bloom for Christmas but I am not holding my breath right now.

Th other seasonal plants are the amaryllis bulbs which were bought inside in September and rested in the basement for a while. In November I bought them outside and trimmed the leaves. One has put out a new leaf the other is still thinking so I don’t think these will make Christmas but they hopefully will cheer the January blahs.


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