The Veggie Garden is Going Wild

The depressingly long winter morphed into a cool spring and very few signs of summer which has made for a poor start for the warm weather guys but a great year for the peas and lettuce! I think this is the first year that the lettuce has been still edible and not bolting in June, but the real prize goes to the peas. I planted a lot of peas because usually you only get one or two harvests – by the time they put out flowers, and pods the weather is already turning to warm nights and hot days which the vines do not like. This year we are still cool to warm and no hot weather yet so the peas kept going and the harvests are still great. I am trying two new ones this year – a purple podded pea and a yellow podded pea. Both are shelling peas and are a little later than the main crop that I put out but the pods are filling out nicely and they will be ready in a few days. The peas inside the colorful pods are standard green.


Alas the peas have had such a good season that they are reaching out past the support and crawling over the edge of the raised bed!IMG_0634[1]

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