The new garden 3 – the ugly part

So we have done the good in the garden, and then the bad in the garden which just leaves the ugly part! Some of this is because of poor planning, some was from storm damage and some is from overzealous plants competing against less aggressive ones.

The burning bushes from the last post were removed and the effect that they had on the surrounding plants was very evident. The azaleas were lobsided with long bare branches that were reaching for the sun and the yukkas were crushed under the weight of the bushes above.

bad azalea

There is also a holly bush in the front that looks like it was quite large util it had an accident or problem. The right hand side is upright, the left hand side is missing and the whole thing is strung up to a post to stay upright!


Finally there is a poor little Japanese Red maple behind some hydrangeas. The hydrangeas (which should have been included in the positive post at the start but have only just come into bloom). You can see the maple in the first image and it is drowned out in the second one. The whole of the front is filled with foundation plantings which are quite attractive but have been pruned into cubes. I am hiding the hedge clipper as the husband wants to continue to do that!

Japanese maple 1jap maple 2

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