The New Garden 2 – the less attractive parts

The rhodies in the last post were the positive of the garden, the rest is less attractive! There are 5 large burning bushes (Euonymous alataus) which dominate the left side of the garden. The only thing that could be said about them is that they obscure the fence! Not only are these very invasive, they were killing other items in the garden. These went as soon as the chainsaw was unpacked!!!

Burning bushesburning bushes down

The other major issue is the invasive weeds and vines. The major weed nuisance is the Japanese Knotweed which is growing a mile a minute and looks rather like bamboo. The vines, including honeysuckle, but others too, are running up and killing the trees and anything else along the way. These are a royal pain to control but hopefully I will be able to sever them all over time.

knotweed plus vines knotweed


I don’t have an ‘after’ with these things but eventually I hope to look back on this blog and give a sign of relief ¬†that they have been removed!!!




The other major headache is the invasive species around the property.

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