Taking the plants back outside

After a full week indoors the plants went back outside today.  This really is better for them and will give me a second chance to get new saucers and other protective devices so that they do not drip over the floor.  One thing I am going to try is the watering globe. These not totally unattractive objects are suppose to water the plant as it is needed without giving ann excess amount.  The only problem that I can see with this is that there may be a build up of residual salts in the potting material.  As a general rule it is necessary to water the plant well so that the water comes out the bottom, and this flushes out any salts.  Too much reliance on the perfect amount of water, may, in the long term, be more harmful than the trial and error version.

Still, it is worth a try and I will see what happens.


Taking the plants back outside — 4 Comments

  1. I have been wanting to try the watering globes for a long time but doesn’t seem to be able to find any around here. Pity. I suppose I’ll have to locate some on the internet and order.
    No plants move back outside here any longer. It is simply to cold and this Friday the first snowflakes came dancing down. Now it is time for planning… and dreaming :-)

  2. I have and use the water globes. I think they are really convenient and like them. They are really good at keeping the soil wet for those plants that like dampness. You wouldn’t want to use them on plants that do not require alot of water and like the dry spells in between waterings. The other thing you need to watch, as you mentioned and were concerned about, is the build up of minerals. I have only had to flush the plants once in the past year, so not too big of an issue, but one to be aware of.

    Thanks for your information and articles. I enjoy reading them.

  3. Thank you for your comment. I did a review of the globes somewhere in a blog, so I will try to find it. I did find they were messy to fill, onfe was broken when I opened the box, and they did get blocked very easily, so that I finally gave up. They may work better with small plants though.
    Thank you for reading the blog.

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