Spring is close!

After an almost non- winter, the temperatures are steadily rising and things are moving into spring already. The first crocus was out in February which is almost 2 wks ahead of last year. The past two years the first crocus was March 11th and March 19th. This year it was February 28th! That is a good sign for an early spring. The first little iris are in bloom too.

The FIrst CrocusEarly Iris


Along with crocus the early daffodils are up as well and in bloom. Not quite enough to pick some for the home but they look perfect by the front door where they great the postman and guests.

The first daffodill

Early Daffodils


The veggie garden is still predominantly dormant but the rhubarb is just peeping through. I keep an upturned plant pot over them to give them some protection and force them to grow just a little early. In a week or two when frosts are less common I will change the containers for the ‘wall o water’ which allows a little extra heat to promote early stems. The Wall o’ Waters’ then move on to protect peppers and tomato plants in early summer.

Rhubarb is covered with a pottery plant pot to force it into early growth

Rhubarb is covered with a pottery plant pot to force it into early growth

Two weeks ago I was able to go the the Witch Hazel festival in the nearby Rare Finds Nursery and come home with another 2 witch hazel shrubs. I have always loved the early bloom in yellow one but now there are reds and burnt orange blooms too. Many of these shrubs have great fall color and a more than a few have great scent as well – what more can you want from a shrubs?

Early Flowers

Witch Hazel Birgit

So far the trees are not in blossom, but it is early and Blue Jays are just some of the birds that are calling out to each other sensing that spring is round the corner.


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