Southeastern Flower Show

Last weekend I went to the Southeastern Flower Show in Atlanta – I even joined the Southeastern Horticultural Society after meaning to for several months!
The show was a great place to meet great landscape designers and innovative products. I hope that some will come onto the radio with me over the next few months.
Here are a couple of interesting images:
To the left is a Rabbit in the garden – this cute set up was very popular with kids of all ages!

On the right: This set up uses a kind of hydroponic growing mechanism but the source of water comes from the fish tank below. The theory being that the fish water is enriched with nutirents, and that is sufficient for the plants. I forgot to ask if/what they feed the fish.

Fishtank and growing system

A Rabbit in the Veggie Garden










                         A Rabbit in the Garden                                 The Fish/Grow System

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