Some fall berries

As a garden writer I think that it is imperative that I get out of the house sometimes, get my hands dirty in a garden and see some other gardens too. So yesterday being a sunny day, I decided to head down to one of the local gardens called Simpson Garden in Bowling Green (above).

There is a small herb garden there that I help with when I have time, and I needed some images for an upcoming herb presentation. This garden also has a nice medicinal herbs garden that was installed by someone associated with the local hospital. There were lots of opportunities for pictures of herbs and as the clouds started to return I headed back to the car.

On the way I saw a new garden that I didn’t remember from my visits earlier in the year. It had lots of little conifers in it and was quite lovely. At the base of the slope with conifers though was a row of yellow bushes with bright red berries (below). They were Red Sprite Winterberry (Ilex verticillata). This is a deciduous holly that has green leaves, turning bright yellow each fall to contrast with the red berries and they were stunning.

So I headed home via the nursery to see if I could pick one of these little things up Рno luck but I did buy a native Blue Muffin Arrowwood viburnum (below) as well as another Pieris japonica Рthe one I have was looking just a little stressed and may not make it through the winter.

By then the clouds really were darkening and it was time to head home before the rain stated, but a fun and much needed day out of the house.


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  1. Did your Blue Muffin continue to do well? I’ve read that some bushes did not produce berries.

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