Seedlings and barn

We are still in a temporary apartment and the clock is ticking for spring planting. Optimistically I sowed the first seeds at the end of January with the hope that we would be settled by March 1st. That has not happened!

The seedlings germinated and got leggy as seedlings are apt to do when they are sat near a window but without an extra light source. I was not about to buy a light so I needed to find a better way to get light to them. Resourcefulness is the key to surviving in temporary situations, so I dragged out an empty container to protect the seedlings outside.

mini gh

The seedlings are in recycled butter tubs and a pastry tray with the covering an empty water bottle shrink wrap covering. Today, as it was damp and cloudy, I gave them their first try at the real outdoors. They wafted around in the breeze for about 2 hours and are now back in their protected cold frame.

seedlings outside

On the relocation front we have hit an issue with a barn. The township says it is out of code and in disrepair. The guesses about how much it would cost to remove that were based on nothing and the assumption that it needed to be taken down have been going around for a few days now. So I have someone who knows about barns to take a look at the building and see what is there, and what state it is in. The realtor wanted a structural engineer to take a look at a cost of several hundred bucks as against this guy who knows what old barns should look like and is swinging by on the way back from another meeting. Hopefully I will be able to update the post by late afternoon with some images of the barn too.

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