Rabbit Proofing

While my back was turned, a rabbit found my newly germinated beans. They acted as rabbits do, and ate the tops off all the seedlings, leaving me with some ragged little stalks.  Tough measures were needed if we were to get anything from the garden this fall.  For rabbits, you don’t need a whole lot of protection because they will not jump over fences.  That is good, but as I don’t have any little fences around the place I opted for a cover.  This will at least allow the seedlings to sprout and start growing without being eaten.

Its not elegant, but at least it works!

Rabbit Protection - Crude, but effective

Rabbit Protection - Crude, but effective


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  2. Stuart,
    Thank you for the comment. The photo was taken just after I had laid the fabric. The kitties are young and curious!

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