New Orange Toys – er Tools

DSCN3251My new orange tools with Pumpkin (well what else do you call an orange kitten you were given in October!)

Everyone knows that I like Fiskars tools as well as folks at the company, but lately I have taken to getting some new orange tools from Black and Decker.
I got the little chain saw a few years ago and didn’t think much about it (love using it though).
Last year I was browsing the garden/yard tools aisle and noticed a bright orange, lightweight trimmer. I am not a big fan of trimming the edges of the lawn and with the old 2-stroke heavy duty knock-a-tree over trimmer, it took longer to start than it did to trim, so I didn’t do it. This new guy works on a little rechargeable battery. It is light, starts with just a touch of a button and does a decent job.Even changing the nylon chord is easy to do – just lift out the empty one, thread the wire through the hole and replace the cap. Yesterday I used it just to trim the heads of the dianthus. 3 minute job with one or two stops along the way.
Then enter, orange tool number two – the blower. This little guy works on the same battery pack so they are interchangeable. Again it starts with just the touch of a button and can be used for dusting leaves off steps, clearing pollen off the patio and diantus debris off the footpath. All little jobs that were major when the old 2-stroke engine machine had to come out. Did I mention the noise that the old machines made? Gone with the new lightweight ones.
The jobs I do are small and these things are handy but they do not do heavy duty clearing of damp wet leaves and the battery pack sometimes needs to be changed halfway through my ‘need to do list’, but or the price, they are terrific.

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