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Authors in Bloom Day 3 – late

Ok so I was busy yesterday and missed posting, so today you do get 2 posts – first the things on the balcony are coming back this week. The winner was a coreopsis that broke dormancy a few weeks ago but most are showing signs of coming back to life this week. I love spring when things start to show that they have survived winter and have the will to grace my garden for another year. So far the majority like the rhubarb, and hydrangea are both getting leaves on them and the little seedlings that I sowed a week or two ago have been transplanted into this green metal trough. There is kale and lettuce and they really needed some extra room. I still need one more container for the remnant lettuce seedlings.

So don’t forget that Joel’s book on Straw Bale Gardens is the book to win in Authors in Bloom – winners are taken from the comments – so comment often!

Tip of the day: Don’t rush to prune lavender and hydrangeas – they both takeĀ  a week or longer than other plants when it comes to breaking dormancy and hydrangeas can indeed play ‘dead’ until spring has really arrived! Wait until you see buds on both these plants before you trim them (and many hydrangeas bloom on last year’s wood so wait until they have bloomed before you trim them).

green troughrhubarb starting

hydrangea bud

Aren’t they all lovely!! :)


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  1. Shelley – most hydrangeas do not need pruning but sometimes, particularly the older varieties, can grow out of bounds and need to be addressed.

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