Mid Winter

With Christmas and the shortest day behind us, I am now concentrating on the future growing season. My immediate focus is on raised beds. One is already made but I need to get a few more sorted before a delivery of dormant bushes and plants arrive. For some reason, Peaceful Valley, which I love ordering from, send their dormant plants in the middle of January. This may be fine for Georgia but for the Mid Atlantic that is a bit optimistic. If the polar vortex that hit 10 days ago where to arrive this week the whole shipment would have to wait to be planted. I am hoping that the mild temperatures that we have this week will stick around long enough for me to finish these new beds.

Right now I have one 12×4 bed for the strawberries and one 4×4 for the garlic – already up and running. Still to go are 1@10×10 for the berries, 1@6×6 for asparagus, 4@12×4 for tomatoes, cabbages, potatoes etc. To fit them in I think I need to move 2 fruit trees which are dormant and planted last fall, and maybe get some more land cleared.

Filling the beds is just as problematic because the big box stores are low on garden material like peat moss and compost. I had to drive 10 miles to get the peat moss and I suspect they will be out soon. Fortunately only 2 beds need to be made this week, the others are for annuals and can wait a week or two. Underneath these there are fall leaves, kitchen scraps and some wood ashes.

In essence there is a lot of work to do before any of the shipment is sent and it probably will not all get done this week but I can try!!


veg bed janThe existing raised bed.

This afternoon I plan to get at least some of the wood and make sure that there is space for everything!


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