Late Blooming Hydrangeas

While most hydrangeas seem to bloom in summer, some bloom late summer into fall like the paniculata that we have. These delightful shrubs were as overgrown as the rest of the property last year and took over the whole porch area. I cut them back by about a half, while still leaving some taller branches, and will finish this winter with the other tall branches. They are wonderfully vibrant and green all summer then put out these amazing flowers at the end of summer.


The bright white slowly matures to a delicate rose pink which will stay pink if you pick and dry the bloom. Clearly these two bushes have different amounts of sun as one is already in the mature stage and the other still in the white phase. Lovely bushes anyway and will look much better next summer when I have finished the pruning.


Late Blooming Hydrangeas — 6 Comments

  1. What is the name of the hydrangea in your Sept. 19th blog? The one that appears both in white and in pink? I once had one like it and would like to replace it, but don’t know its botannical name. Thanks

  2. Bonnie
    The hydrangea is a paniculata (H. paniculata) which I inherited when we moved into this house. Alas the cultivar is unknown but is close to this one:

    It is still in bloom so the September timing is right for my area (Toledo, Ohio) and the loose flower heads are similar. The blooms are white when they come out and fade to the delightful dusty pink which stays the same color when dried. Eventually they will fade to brown on the shrub but the white/pink phase is very attractive.
    I hope this helps you.

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  4. I was about to cut down my Endless Summer hydrangea today 9/25 when I noticed it is starting to bloom. It NEVER bloomed this year and last year I had only two blossoms on it. I don’t get it. But it has a reprieve for this year so far.

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