Kylee Baumle and the Meyer Lemon

On the radio show last Saturday Kylee Baumle told the tale of traveling 9o minutes to a nursery that were selling Meyer lemons.

Now when a nursery touts that they are selling Meyer lemons, the assumption is that they are selling the tree, but after  wandering round the store for several minutes Kylee could not find see them so she asked the assistant. The sales clerk pointed to the basket in front of the cash desk which was full of lemons from their very large Meyer Lemon tree!

Not to be disheartened though, Kylee popped into a big box store on the way home and found herself, of course, in the nursery department. There, on a sad little shelf to one site were a few little citrus trees, including a little Meyer Lemon! They were in desperate need of water, fertilizer and care and were on sale for $5 each. The pathetic little citrus were not really worth that, and apparently were on the way to the dumpster, so Kylee offered $2 for them. So our gardener came home with not just a Meyer Lemon but another citrus too and for less than she would have paid in even a supermarket let alone a nursery!

Here is my little Meyer Lemon that has just finished flowering and has a few little lemons growing:

Listen to the show here :Kylee Baumle on America’s Home Grown Veggie Show

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Kylee Baumle and the Meyer Lemon — 4 Comments

  1. I was lucky enough to find a variegated lemon and a nice dwarf lime tree when I was at Monticello. I’ve been thinking of getting a meyer lemon tree, but haven’t take the plunge yet. If I had seem them on clearance I would have purchased them as well. Cheers to rescuing plants from the dumpster!

  2. Rescue plants at bargain price and unlabeled are a real treat to nurse back to health!
    Thanks for reading the blog!

  3. I did not purchase a Meyer Lemon tree but about a year ago my Martha Stewart rec. called for Meyer lemons. Finally found them in Ft. Wayne; at the price of about $2. each. I baked this expensive cake and served it to garden club friends. One gal told me she thought I didn’t need to use that rec. again. Did you actually cook/bake w/ the Meyer? Could one mix orange and lemon together for same taste?

  4. Linda
    That is an interesting question. I am more familiar with the Meyer Lemon being a specific variety that came to the market and brought a home grown lemon to the home grower. They do have a strong flavor but I would think that in baking particularly you could get away with almost any decently marketed lemon.

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