Gardener vs Groundhog – part 1

We know that living surrounded by woods and undergrowth there are animals – deer, rabbits, squirrels, wild turkeys etc etc and at least one groundhog! It seemed reasonable to fence the area that I wanted to have for a vegetable garden and those deer treats that I like to grow – such as the black elderberry (Sambuscus nigra). Last year he found the garden and entered via a side gate. He squeezed under the gate, sniffed at the lilac bush, pottered off to the deck and took a look at the mint in a tub at the bottom of the deck steps. He continued onto the deck and looked at peas etc in containers, then went back down the steps and onto the vegetable garden to snack.

He really did not find the garden until late in the year and most of the vegetables were protected but this year we needed to fix the gate (done). This year the little charmer has found the garden already by digging under the sloppy fence. That is a little more work for us to mend. So far we have laid chicken wire from under the now fixed fence, under  the fence, down a little way and sticking out a little for him to travel over. We need to finish that today.

Photos By Trail Camera vs

keeping groundhogs out

groundhog proofing the garden

This morning no sign of the little fella but it is still early in the season and we have not finished yet.

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