D is for daffodils or course!


Daffodils are the trumpets heralding spring – or so some poet thought. Without a doubt though they do provide a wonderful end to winter and even if a late frost, or snow, arrives, they carry on regardless. Better buy online viagra yet they are not bothered by deer! The biggest problem though is that I get impatient for spring and find myself walking around the garden begging them to grow and prove that spring is here.

Last winter was perhaps the longest one I had endured for quite a while and being in a new location I had not put in any spring bulbs and did not know what was there from the previous owners – not a lot! So this year I did order bulbs, and I bought some from the box stores and planted dozens. Then I planted some in containers that had perennials and annuals in from the summer. What I really wanted though was a guarantee of spring color for Easter and was not going to let nature take that away from me this year. Little did I know that winter was going to be virtually a non event, and my insurance was to put some left over bulbs in the beer fridge to be forced into bloom on my time not nature’s.

January arrived and I came across the bulbs and planted then in little containers which resided in the master bathroom for a while. By the end of February they were peaking through but so were the ones outside. As time progressed my indoor bulbs languished and finally did put out a few little flowers which would have been great if there was snow outside, but as it happened the outdoor daffodils arrived before my indoor ones and looked much better than my attempts.

So nature obviously does some things better than me, and that is fine, but I will try the forcing idea again – but this time I will be armed with a brand new book by Art Wolk: Bulb Forcing (which is great) and will actually pay attention to which varieties I plant indoors, rather than use the ones that were left over from outside!


D is for daffodils or course! — 3 Comments

  1. I understand waiting for spring to see what was planted before your time in the house. I need to mark my bulbs now, so I don’t try to plant something on top of the hiding bulbs. Love your bright containers for the bulbs.

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  3. I have unearthed more than a few bulbs when planting in spring and when planting more bulbs! I have tulips that came up through the oregano and mint and they really don’t seem to mind! This was my first time putting bulbs into containers and it was fun to do.

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