Compost Heaps get Trendy

A few months back I was asked to do an article about compost. That was fine until it came to a photograph. Who takes photographs of compost heaps? Well this past week or two I have come across two compost heaps that are out there and in full view, and looking good.

An Elegant Compost Area

An Elegant Compost Area


The first one, above, was an elegant compost heapwith debris contained in cedar bins.  The compost would not dare to become untidy is this arrangement! 

The second, below, was in a much more modest neighborhood, but still very respectable.  Clearly though this lucky gardener is not harrassed by covenant police who think such things are rather unseamly.  The tomatoes and other vegetables are growing close to the road, alongside lantana and sunflowers.  Tomatoes in particular need lots of fertilizer. That can come in a bag with a price tag, or it can arrive by saving veggie clippings, lawn clippings, and fallen leaves. This family put the compost heap right where they needed the compost.  A sensible arrangement, and, at least for me, it does not bring the neighborhood down. Rather it shows that tolerance and common sense is right up there with good gardening practices and probably some very good tomatoes.

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