Cold Night

It was inevitable, I suppose, but optimistic gardeners are frequently in denial, so when the frost warning came across the newscast the other night I was left scrambling around, dragging plants inside. As I was lazy this past spring, most of the tender plants were not put into the ground, but they were left in pots. So the chore was not too bad, but even so it took some time to drag ten heavy pots through the nearest doorway.

I do have a handy Potlifter, which helps make the job easier, but that requires two people and there was no one else around.

I will try that this weekend when the plants go back outside for another week or two. I am a firm believer in keeping plants outside for as long as I can. They go into semi dormancy when cooler nights return and daytime temperatures moderate, and that seems to make them more capable of surviving my neglect inside.

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