Back from the Conference

Conferences are where you can network with people who speak the same language as you do.  Too often we have an interest in something but that interest leaves us rather isolated.  Such it is with garden writers who spend hours at a keyboard, and in the garden trying to get things to grow. Without much contact with the outer world.

So this past weekend provided a venue where I could visit gardens, see new plant lines being developed, and met up with old friends, and learn some new trick of the trade.

Portland has some terrific gardens that are both private and public, plus some excellant commercial growers.  I got to see several new echinacea in red, yellow and orange colors, plus some new agastache in pastel shades. 


Echinacea “Mac & Cheese” from Terra Nova Nursery


The Beautifully Landscaped Iseli Nursery

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