Autumnal photographs


I needed to find some photographs for the header page of this blog and found myself going through a whole bunch of old (relatively old, anyway) photographs,  The digital era has created an atmosphere where even rotten photographs are not deleted, and I take many more than we ever did with traditional cameras – although there are plenty of those around too.

So as it is autumn/fall, I found a few seasonal ones that are from when we lived in the north.  October was when the great colors of tulip trees, oaks and sweetgums would turn.

In the south that has barely started, and the days are still very mild with clear blue skies. I did find one with pretty trees and a blue sky though from Pittsburgh, where they have more cloudy days than Seattle, or so I am told. Fall colors are something that Pennsylvania does beautifully.


Autumnal photographs — 5 Comments

  1. Thank you Nancy.
    Fall colors on mature trees against a blue sky make it almost impossible to mess up a good image!

  2. How beautiful they look before the wind blows the leaves off the branches, scattering them across the garden. Then the next pictures are the lovely piles of leaves on the ground to walk through.

  3. Thank you Northern Shade – I have some older photographs of the kids playing in fallen leaves!
    Dee – Thank you for the comment, I really appreciate it.

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