Another storm

So the weather went from halfway decent to downright yuk in just 24 hours. Before the storm though I was at a local nursery picking up a magnolia, a daphne and an edgeworthia. The edgeworthia is a stunning shrub that blooms early in the year and will give the witch hazel a run for its money for winter interest. They were in cold hoop houses but with the bitterly cold weather they are resting in the little sun porch area. Even with close to zero last night, this area was still just above freezing so great for seedlings and dormant plants.

plant in coldThe edgeworthia in budseedlingslittle seedlings enjoying the sunshine without the cold temps.

There is some concern about the coldness but as we have 10 inches of snow covering the ground I think everything will be insulated from the cold. Of course everyone would like spring to arrive quickly!

IMG_0279[2] The porch yesterday evening

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