.. and still it rains!

Well this has been a rather dull and dreary week and still it is raining making gardeners in New Jersey and the mid Atlantic a little fed up! Now is the time to plant beans and the lettuce etc should be already in the ground ground but it is still on the deck waiting for some dry weather and much needed sunshine. The deck is getting slowly more cluttered with containers waiting for a more permanent summer home but as no one is sitting out there taking in rays of sun they are left alone for now.

IMG_2553[1]              IMG_2554[1]



Some of the container plants will stay in containers and either put onto the deck railings – the big red one – or onto the vertical My Garden Post system which holds 5 containers on one upright post. Many of these were used last year and are featured in my The Downsized Veggie Book  which is new on the market. If you would like to get one of the My Garden Posts – go to the site and use the code FreeShip1 to get free shipping.

The better news is that the rain was much needed and the cool weather is making the azaleas and lilac blooms last just a little longer albeit that the whole bush looks a little bit droopy and sad in the rain. Even the little Star Magnolia that put out its’ first blooms just before the last major frost event, has persevered and is still putting out blooms – just to the right of the white azalea.

IMG_2550[2]         IMG_2551[1]


The planting will have to wait a another few days but at least I can admire the blooms from inside and maybe able to dash out between showers to clip a few lilac blooms for indoors.


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