Almost 2 years on

Next week when we hit July, it will be two years that we have been in this garden. Although it may have looked a mess before this past weekend’s clean up, it did only take a weekend to do both beds which is much better than the whole season to clear just the one bed last year! The problem was that the only garden bed there was not only covered by weeds, but had landscape fabric underneath about 4 inches of granitic rock chips! Most of the chips are not off the garden but it took a long time and the ground is still rather pebbly even now making working with anything larger than a Cobra Head weeding tool impractical – again this is better than last year when using anything bigger than the Cobra Head in the rocks was impossible. My general method was to clear some rocks,take them by the bucket full to the shed area,  tear up the fabric and drag it to the garbage, then attack the weeds. By working on small areas at a time, I was able to at least plant a few perennials and by the end of the year the garden was at least workable and some plants survived. It is time like this that it is worth taking a look at how far you have come rather than fixate on what has been achieved, so here is a before and two years on image:



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