A Very Early Start to the Year

It is no surprise to anyone that everything is just a little bit early this year. From Washington’s cherry blossoms in February the march of spring would seem to be underway. In my own garden, newly awarded a zone 6 status, I have the first signs of the seasonal changes. The witch-hazel is in bloom!

When I checked my images from last year the witch-hazel bloomed on March 19th – that is a full 5 weeks from now. Elsewhere in the garden the crocus are coming up alongside daffodils and a few tulip leaves. The mint and other perennials barely went totally dormant so are still holding their own. Once the crocus bloom it will be just a few weeks before the daffodils start and the real feel of spring will be here.

Of course there is still the concern that some of these things will get a nasty zap if we get an arctic blast – it is only the beginning of February. With no snow cover, and still no real snow in the forecast, we have no insulation on the ground to protect the young leaves.  I am confident that most things will do just fine though.


A Very Early Start to the Year — 2 Comments

  1. Kate,
    This is a very nice site and I will be checking in often! I just started gardening about 2 years ago. I am having a ball!

    The forsythia photo caught my eye since I have been nurturing the one I have and hoping for lots of blooms this spring as I’ve learned how to prune it, etc.

    Also, I planted about 70 daffodils/tulip bulbs last fall, too, and am anxious to see those this spring as well.

    I have learned much and am anxious to learn more through your site!


  2. Thank you for the comment Kathleen. The forsythia is easy to grow and will give lots of color along with the daffodils. One caution, if you have deer, they rather like tulips so be watchful for damage. YOur daffodils will be fine though.
    Good luck with your garden.

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