A tomato seedling

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Last fall I potted up lots of perennials so that I could bring them with me to New Jersey. They all went dormant in Ohio, were put into boxes and transported here then put back outside to keep cold until nature woke them up. Over the past few weeks that has happened to all be about 6 of the plant pots. One that didn’t come back is a knopfolia but there were a few little seedlings in there which I didn’t pull out yet. Today I noticed that one had true leaves on indicating that it was a tomato! I have spent the rest of the day trying to remember which tomato was near the plant but I think I will just have to wait it out until the fruit arrives!


Tip of the day!! Let guests, that is the plant variety, ┬ástay in your garden until they prove to be unworthy – you might just find a lovely surprise!

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