A Snow Effect

The snow started falling here about 11am and was light with a few times when it stopped all together. The first time it stopped I was outside on the small front lawn area where the Bradford Pear has dropped its leaves and we haven’t got round to picking them all up. On a green lawn they do not look particularly notable , but when you add a little bit of snow, the effect accentuates the slightly up-tilted leaves. I have found that snow does this at other times, including the remnant daffodil hedge that was growing in Barrington Hall, Ga but was tough to see in the lawn. Adding a slight layer of snow to cover the lower grass, and the daffodil leaves stood out beautifully.

Leaves in the snow


A Snow Effect — 1 Comment

  1. they do make an interesting view! lol
    I have just found your blog and have very much enjoyed my visit. I will be back again and again I am sure. Have a wonderful weekend!

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