A Rainy Day and a Patio Tomato

Rainy days are a great time to catch up on a few things, but not much good for garden work but as the rain didn’t really start early I was able to take a few minutes outside and ditch the trough of going-to-seed lettuce and plant the patio tomato in its own container. This was a lesson in read the label!

I purchased the little patio tomato about 2 weeks after we moved in, so that would be mid May. The label mentioned it was good for a container and had a QRC code but I didn’t bother to check that (mistake # 1).

With a new garden it is tough to figure out where the full sun areas are and with this garden, the options for places to plant anything were few, so it went into an area that I thought would be good. Seemed pretty sunny and there were two grafted peppers and a basil nearby that were doing pretty well. There was also an inherited hydrangea (that has not bloomed, so was probably pruned early in the year or something). This, it turns out is not a bad place to plant, but a little patio tomato that is only destined to be 2 ft tall was rather overwhelmed in a short time by the basil and the hydrangea. It also was near the woods and had an interesting little thing on it called a Tortoise Beetle which enjoyed the leaves.

Shaded tomate

Shaded tomato

Tortoise Beetle with immature stage seen (white)

Tortoise Beetle with immature stage seen (white)

So this morning I decided it was time to remedy that situation and gave it its very own container which will be placed in the sun with nothing else around it. Hopefully it will be happier and produce more tomatoes now. Reading the QR code tells me it should get to about 2ft tall and is determinate so should put out a bunch of tomatoes all at one time. I am not totally sure that I would want that in a patio tomato as the beauty of tomatoes is a long season of harvest. Maybe small places though are still limited in varieties.

Patio Tomato in its own container

Patio Tomato in its own container.


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