A New Year of Shows on America’s Home Grown Veggies

America’s Home Grown Veggies is entering another year, and this year we are starting a project segment which kicks off this Saturday , Jan 18th at 10am eastern on www.americaswebradio.com  The show airs 52 weeks a year and talks about growing healthy vegetables and other edibles.

The four project cover a variety of topics:

Gardening Jones is launching a new raised bed system for gardeners. The sides of he raised bed have an insert which rotates upward to support screens. The screens can change from ones to protect from frost, to animal and insect protection.

Then we talked to author Rebecca Sweet who is working on getting more texture and color into her front garden. Suggested edibles that she uses are rosemary, salvias and artichokes.

The third project is from Jacqueline Soule who lives in Tuscon where the climate is very dry. She plans on planting a herb garden based on the plants that Father Kino used (late 17th century). These include natives as well as some traditional herbs like sage, which has to be kept on the north of the home to survive.

Finally we talk to Gardenchat host Brenda Haas who is aiming to get kids into the garden. A mother of two teens and caretaker of a 2 yr old, she has lots of experience getting children into the garden and making it fun for them to learn where their food comes from.

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