A Fall Garden

These little seedling were up in just a few days

These little seedling were up in just a few days

Fall is an underused season through most of the country, but especially here in the south.  Yet fall is one of the best seasons to plant things.  I usually plant a few lettuce and salad type greens, but this year i am trying some little green beans that should mature in about 60 days, and some carrots that will give sweet orange, but small, carrots in about 65 days.The rain this evening meant that I don’t have to water in the morning, and the rain at the end of last week helped to germinate the ones outside already.  I did plant some kale inside as well, but that has not yet come up.

Some fall vegetables like kale taste better after a fros, and many will survive a light frost with just a little cover over the top of them.  First frost though is still a way off – we are barely out of the 70’s for night time temperatures!  I will be prepared though for when that happens – I have lots of floating row covers tucked away somewhre, and if I get short I have Walmart down the road for some garment underlay (sold in the fabric section) and this is very similar to the commercial row covers.

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